The IDesign Architecture method with Koen Mannaerts

Episode #45 Published Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This week, I talk with Koen Mannaerts about software architecture with the IDesign method. We discuss how requirements gathering is part of the architects job and how architects shouldn't work on production code.

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Research, business design, system design, project design are fundamental aspects every engineering discipline applies to get to a suitable solution to a problem. Most of these aspects are missing in software projects nowadays. This leads to inefficiencies, bad quality code, inadequate architecture, schedule slippage and a lot of wasted money and talent. As the driving force behind innovation the software industry must regain a real engineering vigor.

Koen helps teams and organizations integrate business design, system design, project design back into their development practice. As process and design lead he gives people clear guidance in their pursuit to change team trajectory, meet company goals and ultimately change their careers.

Koen has over 10 years of experience in software and has guided teams in different industries ranging from industrial automation to financial industry to health care, from startups to international companies, in the role of architect, advisor and chief architect.

Although every project is a team effort, everything starts with the individual. A person who is able to put in the work, thinks like an engineer and applies engineering processes. Change management skills and a healthy life-style are crucial to make this transition successful. If this resonates with you we have a match.